Indian DEITY lifts national pr0n ban

Kiddiesmut still well and truly banned, ordinary onanism-inducers online again

India's ban on online pornography looks to have gone limp after four days, after a DEITY recommended a change of interpretation to the nation's ban on 857 sites.

The DEITY in question is India's marvellously-named Department of Electronics and Information Technology. DEITY is India's acronym, as the website demonstrates.

The Times of India says the word of one DEITY executive, group coordinator for cyber-law B J Srinath, changed the nature of the ban so that local carriers must only block child pornography sites among the 857 first listed as deserving of banishment.

The Times reports that Srinath's letter to the nation's department of communicationss aid “In continuation of our letter of even number dated July 30, department of telecom (DoT) is hereby requested to communicate to all the intermediaries (SIPs) that the intermediaries are hereby directed that they are free not to disable any of the 857 URLs, as given in the list, which do not have child pornographic content."

Child pornography is rightly reviled just about everywhere, leading most purveyors of such filth to anonymise or otherwise disguise their hateful efforts. Few conventional web sites offer such vile fare. With the original ban targeting 0.00008 per cent of the known and visible web, it's unclear just how effective this revised ban will be. ®

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