Cops baffled by 'canal corpse' that turned out to be COCONUTS

Whiffy floater drove passer-by to ring the fuzz

Coconut face by cc 2.0 attribution
Corpse: This isn't one

Manchester coppers were baffled to discover that reports of a dead body in a canal were in fact someone's unwanted coconuts.

Officers in Trafford were called after a walker pulled what he believed to be a bag full of animal bones from the Bridgewater Canal, near Longford Wharf on Stephenson Road in Stretford.

The man noticed the suspicious-looking package floating in the water at about 4pm on Sunday.

He told police he thought it might be a dead animal because it had a “strong odour” and was “leaking white fluid,” according to the Manchester Evening News.

The police Tweeted the discovery.

Presumably the former owner of the coconuts had missed bin day. ®

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