Seagate bleeding sales as PC downturn starts to hit hard

Just $2.9bn expected for its fourth fiscal 2015 quarter

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Just like QLogic, Seagate sales figures have taken a dive along with the PC sales downturn, and it's had to issue preliminary results to warn the market.

For its fourth fiscal 2015 quarter, instead of the expected $3.2-$3.3bn, it thinks it will make just $2.9bn.

It expects to report unit shipments of approximately 45 million, maintaining approximately 40 per cent market share and reflecting approximately 52 exabytes.

So, might WD/HGST be in the same situation; also is Toshiba similarly likely to suffer?


Seagate's third quarter results lacked lustre.

Now its full year 2015 revenues look to be $13.68bn, lower by a narrow margin than full year 2014's $13.7bn, and significantly lower than full year 2013's $14.4bn.


Is this server/array (and PC) sales dip going to bottom out or is worse to come?

Everyone will be praying Windows 10 rights the wobbling PC ship and that this has a knock-on effect on server and array sales, which seem to be waiting for an Intel Grantley processor refresh to take place. ®

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