Microsoft says its latest, dodgy Windows 10 build is good for (almost) everyone

Just not if you have a Surface 3

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Microsoft has released Build 10130 of the Windows 10 Technical Preview to the Windows Insider program's Slow release ring, despite a few lingering issues – particularly with Redmond's latest hardware.

The build was initially only released to the Fast release ring – the one that gets rapid updates of the pre-release OS, even when they might have known problems – on May 29.

Even then, there were problems. Lots of people who tried to install Build 10130 via Windows Update – El Reg included – encountered error code 0x80146017, a cryptic glitch that effectively left them stuck on the previous Build 10122.

To address the issue, Microsoft issued ISO images of Build 10130, something it initially said it would only do once a build had been deemed stable enough to be released via the Slow ring.

Now the software giant says it's confident that Build 10130 is stable enough for all Windows 10 testers to use, albeit given a few fixes that have been released since the Fast ring subscribers got it.

Microsoft enumerated the fixes in a Friday blog post. They include patches that address issues with clicking icons on the Taskbar, Windows Update glitches, and loss of audio playback.

"Some of these will be applied during setup of the build as Dynamic Updates, but check Settings > Windows Update > Check for updates after you've upgraded to make sure you have everything you'll need," Windows 10 ambassador Gabe Aul said in the post.

In addition, the Error 0x80246017 issue hasn't been entirely resolved, so some testers will still need to download an ISO to get the latest code.

And there's still one exception to Microsoft's recommendation that all Windows Insiders upgrade to the latest build – namely, people who bought Microsoft's latest tablet, the Surface 3 (not to be confused with the Surface Pro 3). Apparently there's some kind of issue that keeps the Windows 10 Preview from installing on that hardware.

"We suggest holding off until we fix this issue," Aul said. ®

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