Spotify smashing new media paradigms with something called ‘video’

Swede streamer was once all about the music, man

Streaming music pioneer Spotify wants to broaden its appeal beyond music buffs by incorporating podcasts, video, and Pandora-style personal “radio stations” into its music service.

The enhanced Spotify was unveiled yesterday. The BBC is one of several media partners offering video, along with Vice News, Comedy Central and the inevitable bite-sized, feel-good TED Talks.

CEO Daniel Ek promised you’ll be grateful for its algorithms. “Recommendations will adapt over time to fit your taste and mood,” he said.

As an example, if you’re jogging then Spotify will match a tune with your running pace.

Critics were skeptical about the sideways move, pointing out that more time watching TED means a lower payout for musicians:

Apple is expected to launch its own iTunes Radio streaming service soon, while Google is using its YouTube brand and popularity to squeeze out rivals.

Unlike Apple or Google, Spotify is a pure-play music service, uncompromised by other distractions or sidelines. Spotify was all about music discovery and delivery. Or at least it was, until now. ®

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