Apple announces 'Home' iOS 9 app to run the Internet of Stuff

Managing things in the Internet of Things is a thing, y'know

As humanity lumbers towards its techno-utopian future, Apple's clever-clogs have put together an iOS 9 app called "Home".

Despite some cries regarding delays in the reveal of Apple's HomeKit domestic automation platform, the company has affirmed that it is "looking forward to the first [HomeKit accessories] coming [to market] next month."

Connecting domestic appliances such as toasters to the internet is probably of limited use to consumers. However, in creating networked devices which can share data with manufacturers, it is hoped some of that data might, eventually, one day, maybe, be worth something.

Yet the ability to remotely control accessories is a large selling point for IoT ware, and Apple's work on the HomeKit framework now features a front-end app for such control, which could be shown alongside iOS 9 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference being held June 8-12 in San Francisco.

According to a report by 9to5Mac, the app is called "Home" and "is currently represented by a 'house' glyph atop a dark yellow background, and is said to be 'fairly basic' in its functionality, including:

  • Wirelessly discovering and setting up compatible HomeKit devices
  • Creating a virtual representation of rooms in the home to easily organize and connect HomeKit devices
  • Utilizing the Apple TV as a hub connecting all of the HomeKit devices
  • Offering a series of screens to help users find new HomeKit devices and apps"

9to5Mac's sources lead them to qualify their announcement: "It is also possible that the new Home app could remain solely for internal usage and Apple could push for customers to control their HomeKit devices solely via Siri and accompanying App Store apps." ®

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