Microsoft celebrates 25 years' SOLITARY SELF-PLEASURE with GROUP SESSION

Staffers to take part in Solitaire fest

playing cards

May 18th marked the 25th anniversary of Microsoft giving the world its timewasting Solitaire app, so Redmond has come up with a fine way to celebrate – a card-clicking deathmatch for its staff.

Redmond says “an internal competition among Microsoft employees kicks off today to determine who leads the leaderboards here”.

That competition will, come early June, be made available to world+dog, who'll be handed the chance to duke it out at Solitaire in a public version of the Redmond Rumble.

Solitaire appeared as part of every version of Windows from 3.0 to 7, so has shipped on many a hundred of millions of computers over the years and consumed untold lifetimes of human attention.

Windows 8 users were actually spared having the game foisted on them by default, which could explain why the OS hasn't been well-received. It will return in Windows 10 in the form of the free Windows Solitaire Collection.

Microsoft's not saying just what challenges it is dog-fooding on its staffers before offering them to the rest of us. The Reg notes, however, that this staff-first-then-punters release plan is a little different to Microsoft's current cloud first regime. ®

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