Compellent kicks EqualLogic out of Dell's bottom end: New SCv2000

New box pops up just a bit early in YouTube vid

Dell SCv2000 storage array

When Dell acquired EqualLogic and later Compellent, it used the former brand for its low-end storage and the latter for its bigger bit boxen.

The company's now booted EqualLogic out of the bottom end with the new entry-level SCv2000, a US$14,000 array that does everything a larger Compellent does, but for less. Dell hasn't yet formally announced the new kit, but somebody has put full details on YouTube early, as we see here.

The new arrays come in 12 x 3.5”, 24 x 2.5” and 84 x 2.5” or 3.5” drive bay variants, and if you're willing to add disk drawers you'll get to 168 drives and 504TB of capacity. Quad-core Xeons are standard, as are fibre channel, iSCSI and SAS connectivity. RAID RAID 5, 6, RAID 10 and RAID 10 DM are supported, and the arrays can run one or all of the RAID levels.

Windows, RedHat, SLES, Citrix, VMware and XenServer all play nicely with the boxes.

Dell's brought its Storage Centre software to its bottom end to give customers a unified storage stack to play with. But we understand that it's not killing off EqualLogic entirely. There'll be various new kit employing that technology in due course. ®

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