Twitter boots out classic DOS games, world productivity surges

Back to the cat pics and slack-jawed drooling, netizens

The Internet Archive is still sharing 2,600 blast-from-the-past DOS games, and these are still playable in web browsers - but no longer so via Twitter.

We reported on what was almost definitely an anarchist plot to strangle global productivity at the time, but it seems Dick Costolo has terrified his workers into removing the ability to play games in Twitter "Cards".

Although the reason for Twitter's fussiness about its "Cards" is unclear, there are a lot of rules for tweeters to familiarise themselves with.

Twitter does explicitly state the "Cards" may not be used for end-to-end gaming, though it doesn't say why. Hazarding a guess, folks at The Register reckon it's a matter of Twitter ensuring there is no functionality which would be limited to desktop, rather than mobile, uses of the chirpy nagging platform.

Meanwhile, internauts will simply have to redirect their browsers to Internet Archive's Software Library for their chance to waste hours dying of dysentery in Oregon Trail. ®

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