Microsoft to offer special Surface 3 for schools

Even with reduced on-board storage, 'the cloud ate my homework' isn't going to cut it

Surface 3 in red

Microsoft has quietly let it be known it's developed a cheap cut of the Surface 3 for schools.

A brag post announcing a ten per cent discount for schools that purchase the typoslab, and bragging about how the device is empowering kidlets the world over, also slips in this nuggetoid of information:

“In addition, we are offering a unique Surface 3 configuration exclusively for educational institutions with 32GB storage capacity and 2GB memory.”

That's not too shabby: the basic Surface 3 configuration is 64/2, so Microsoft clearly thinks Surface users can have a decent experience with 2GB of RAM. Once Windows takes its share there'll be around 20GB to play with, but in these cloudy days it's not as if your kids are going to be suffering for lack of access to storage.

Your correspondent’s offspring have a talent for damaging digital devices, so from a parental point of view a device with less memory and lower cost isn't a terrible idea. Nor is cloud storage: "OneDrive ate my homework" isn't going to cut it once teachers get the hang of things. ®

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