Daddy Dyson keeps it in the family and hoovers up son’s energy biz

That must suck for anyone looking to launch a takeover

Dyson DC37 vacuum cleaners

Blighty billionaire inventor, philanthropist, and land owner Sir James Dyson has snapped his son's energy efficient lights company, Jake Dyson Products, placing Dyson Junior in pole position to take over the family biz.

In an interview with the Financial Times Dyson said: “I want the business to remain a family business."

He added: “Jake is highly competent, loves technology, and has good business and marketing sense. He’s got all the things I had and more, because he’s more inventive. So he will take it to places I couldn’t."

El Reg also estimates Jake has inherited approximately 50 per cent of James Dyson's genetics.

Jake Dyson has been a non-executive director on the board at Dyson since 2013. Jake Dyson Products will become part of the Dyson Group.

Last month the vacuum biz pumped $15m (£10m) into US solid-state battery start-up Sakti3 as part of its plans to invest £1.5bn into "future technologies".

Dyson has said it wanted to branch into four new portfolios of technology over the next four years. ®

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