Wanna quote tweets without manual faff? HAVE AT IT, sez Twitter

User: 'It looks atrocious'

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Twitter: It's like this but with added internets

Twitter has begun rolling out a new function on the micro-blabbing site which lets users add comments to retweeted messages without hitting the 140-character limit.

Previously, inserting one's own remarks into a tweet meant having to copy and paste it into a new tweet and then add "RT" (retweet) or "MT" (modified tweet) to the message to make it clear to others that you were quoting someone else on the service.

Twitter's latest feature – undoubtedly designed to allow the outfit to chase more ad revenue – has removed that manual process with its "Quote Tweet" option.

However, not all Twitter users were happy with the latest tweak to the profit-lite, Dick Costolo-run firm's service.

One critic said: "revamped? It's garbage." Another tweeted: "Change it back, you c*nts, it looks atrocious."

There's just no pleasing some people. ®

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