Cisco offers carriers adware-as-a-service for fun and profit

Telcos looking for 'value partnerships' can buy a platform from The Borg

MWC 2015 Cisco has clouded up a new way to snoop on mobile users “combine network, user, and business intelligence … to realise business outcomes.”

Announced at Mobile World Congress, Mobility IQ is a SaaS offering that the company says provides real-time information on Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE networks, covering network performance and user behaviour.

The network management slice, Cisco Network Intelligence, provides a visual window of network operations, combined with APIs to push responses back into the network.

The second slice, Cisco User Intelligence, is designed to make the march of advertising even more relentless, or as this Cisco blog explains, provide “holistic insights into indoor and outdoor mobile user behaviours, such as location paths and social media activity”.

On the business side, there's also managed services designed for verticals like hospitality, retail, or venue managers. Cisco Business Intelligence provides the pane of glass to the business user.

There will also be partner APIs, Cisco says, to “simplify the creation of value partnerships” (really, who writes this stuff?) for advertising and “social discovery” – Vulture South presumes this last one means if you send a Twitter pic while you're shopping, someone will want to work out how to push an advertisement or special offer at you.

For carriers that want to bring the Minority Report advertising experience that one step closer, Mobility IQ is available as a pre-paid subscription service. ®

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