Google opens 'Inbox' heir-to-email trial to biz users

Wave goodbye to email as you knew it

The new Gmail inbox interface

The last time Google tried to “reinvent the way you get things done”, the term it uses to describe its heir-to-email app "Inbox", it wiped out with the solving-a-problem-people-didn't-know-they-had "Wave" service.

But there's still clearly some demand for something other than email, as The Chocolate Factory says demand among businesses for its heir-to-email offering “Inbox” has been so strong it's opened the doors just a crack so organisations, not just individuals, can peer inside.

To that end, Google yesterday revealed an “early adopter program” for its apps users.

“Starting next month, we’ll begin enabling Inbox for a small group of Google Apps customers to learn about their needs, challenges and use cases,” writes Alex Gawley, Google's director of product management for all things Gmail.

It looks like those who sign up will need to sell a slab of their souls to Google: the post says Google's looking for folks with lots of mobile users, a willingness to use Inbox as their “primary email at work” and “Most importantly … to partner with Google on user studies”.

Little wonder the post says “not everyone that applies will be accepted right away” - it sounds like Google is looking for folks willing to open their souls. Which may be the kind of access it needs to avoid another Wave-style pounding on a submerged reef. ®

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