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Oracle launches Hospitality Business Unit in wake of Micros gobble (does it expect tips?)

Oracle's US$5.3bn ingestion of MICROS, a provider of hardware, software and services to the hospitality and retail industries, looks to be complete as Big Red has announced the acquisition has spawned a new Oracle Hospitality Global Business Unit.

The new team looks to have added Oracle's cloud and mobile bits to the mix, so that Micros' software can be deployed on a full range of modern devices in both the back office and the point sale.

Oracle reckons it can now automate just about any leisure experience, be it taking a cruise, being ripped off for inferior food in stadia, nipping out for a bite or a combination of the above in the tender embrace of a a global hotel chain.

Most of us will, thankfully, be spared the new spiel about “guest experiences”, Oracle's language for what it says it now enables for hospitality customers.

Details of just how everything hands together are, for now, in short supply. Oracle is making lots of noise about leveraging “Oracle's integrated technology stack” to get Micros' software behaving right, and there's a list of the new hospitality products to be had here.

Oracle clearly thinks there's money to be made in this field, because the cash it splashed on Micros was just $300m less than it splashed for Sun, a deal we rated "a mixed bag".

Your next holiday might tell us whether this transaction's gone well.

Don't forget to tip (us off if this goes pear-shaped)! ®

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