DDN purrs, rubs itself around Big Blue's legs, snuggles up to POWER

Storage firm hasn't snubbed Intel CPUs just yet...

Intel CPU-using DDN has joined the OpenPOWER Foundation, which is focussed on the use of IBM's competing POWER processor design.

DDN, which supplies storage arrays for HPC, big data and enterprise use, says that, by working with the foundation it will help partners and customers drive HPC infrastructure technologies further into enterprise markets.

These include DDN’s fastest growth areas: financial services, oil and gas and large scale web, cloud and service providers.

There are no other storage array supplier members, except for Hitachi (not HDS) and IBM.

DDN has systems that employ IBM's GPFS parallel file system software.

Calista Redmond, director of OpenPOWER Global Alliances for IBM, has a ready-prepared statement about DDN coming aboard: "As part of the foundation, DDN will be able to grow innovations together with other members on OpenPOWER technology to build a robust ecosystem of applications for large and emerging workloads.”

Hmm. It seems highly likely that DDN will introduce POWER processor-using systems at some stage in the future. ®

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