It's not the cloud: The problem lies between the chair and the computer – Gartner

Nearly 100% of private clouds 'fail' 'cos people just don't 'get it'

Nearly all private clouds customers build are failing – and the biggest problem isn’t the technology, it’s people.

That’s according to analyst Gartner, which reckons 95 per cent of the people it polled reported problems with their private clouds.

The single biggest problem is failure of organisations to change the way they work once they’ve got a cloud running.

That’s according to Thomas Bitten, vice president and distinguished engineer, who surveyed 140 attendees of Gartner’s Data Center Conference in December.

The single biggest trap private cloud-spinners have fallen into is failing to change their operational model.

Technology is one thing, but agile clouds need agile processes – and processes aren’t changing for the more on-demand, service-oriented world of cloud.

“People are your biggest supporters and your biggest roadblocks,” Bitten wrote last week.

The next biggest problem is “doing too little” followed by failure to changing the funding model – not adopting the subscription model of payment synonymous with cloud.

Gartner's poll will make inspired reading for the likes of Salesforce's Marc Benioff, who has campaigned against the private cloud, calling it the "false cloud".

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