Still using the Google Talk app? You've got ONE WEEK to move on

It's time to move on to Hangouts, like it or not

Google is warning holdout users of its standalone Windows GTalk application that they have one week left before the service will be shut down permanently.

Users have, over the past few days, been receiving direct alerts from the Chocolate Factory that 16 February will mark the end of service for an application the company has been phasing out in favor of Hangouts since 2012.

Google Talk shutdown notice

The notice you can expect to see if you haven't switched

"Google Talk app for Windows will stop working on 16 Feb. 2015, replaced by the new Hangouts Chrome app," the message reads.

Google has made no secret that it has been planning for some time to phase out the app in favour of its Hangouts platform. The company in 2013 shifted iOS and Android users over to the Hangouts mobile app and users running in-browser use the Hangouts Chrome app or the Gmail talk interface.

Back in October, the company gave an advance notice of its plans, stating that the Windows application would be killed off in "approximately two months".

As it has now been more than three months since that notice was posted, GTalk holdouts have enjoyed something of an extended life for the app.

PS: A Google product manager says Google Talk will still be usable over XMPP on third-party clients. For now. ®

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