Dell enterprise tech leader parachutes to Nexenta

Former CA and HP man Sam Greenblatt gets software-defined gig

Dell's chief technology evengelist for the enterprise appears to have left the company and re-surfaced as software-defined-storage outfit Nexenta's chief technology officer.

Sam Greenblatt's the chap in question, a former CA and HP exec who jumped to Dell in 2012. At the time of writing, Dell lauded him in this profile proclaiming his job saw him “heavily involved in the architecture, communication and technical promotion of Dell's Enterprise family of products.”

But Greenblatt seems to have left the building a few weeks ago, with technology industry advisory firm Moor Insights and Strategy using Google+ to reveal he signed up as a technologist-in-residence back in January.

Now Nexenta's emitted a canned statement saying he's come aboard there as “chief technologist in residence, acting as chief advisor and technology evangelist” and is “super excited” to be waving the software-defined-storage flag and to plot “upcoming storage breakthroughs.”

Nexenta chair and CEO Tarkan Maner reckons Greenblatt will “help organizations realize the benefits” of the company's kit. Greenblatt's obviously a smart chap, as his previous roles and employers don't look like gigs for lightweights. His record? CA and HP aren't noted for doing particularly well in the enterprise in the last decade. Dell, however, has done well, turning itself into a storage contender, a software-defined-networking innovator, a server vendor that seldom drops off serous buyers' shopping lists and a contender in the new field of hyperconverged kit thanks, at least in part, to a partnership with Nexenta. ®

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