Zuckerberg asks the public to tell him where to go in 2015

Now be polite people

Every year the behoodied prince of Facebook sets himself a personal goal, and this year he’s asking the public to tell him how to spend 2015 doing something new.

“Every year I take on a challenge to broaden my perspective and learn something about the world beyond my work at Facebook,” Zuckerberg wrote on his public social networking page.

“At our last town hall Q&A, someone asked me what my challenge will be for the new year and I said I'd love ideas from our community. I have an idea of what my next challenge might be, but I'm open to more ideas before the new year officially begins. So share your ideas here!”

In previous years Zuckerberg has learned to speak Mandarin (aided by his wife), gone nearly vegetarian - the only meat he ate was stuff he’d killed himself - and made a commitment to meet at least one new persona a day who doesn’t work on Facebook.

Someone’s clearly editing the over 47,000 suggestions that members of the public have put down so far - either that or there’s been a sudden outbreak of politeness among internet denizens. But there’s food for thought in there.

A number of people have suggested learning another language, like Hindi or Arabic. Others suggest fostering a child, reading 20 pages of a non-technical book a day, or spending a week in a homeless shelter undercover.

Other ideas are more esoteric. At least one commentard suggests shutting down Facebook for a few days (something Zuck’s shareholders would not be happy about) and one person suggested finding Jesus, although there’s no indication that he’s lost.

Last year Facebook’s CEO committed himself to writing one thank you note a day. As for next year, his inbox is open and keep the suggestions biologically possible please. ®

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