Love the cloud? Be a ‘Cloud Hero’ with Microsoft

Take the challenge, win prizes

Promo Microsoft UK are offering you the chance to bank some ‘Cloud Hero’ kudos along with a raft of prizes in exchange for completing some tasks in Azure.

This ‘Cloud Hero Challenge’ requires you to complete ONE of the following:

  1. Set up a virtual machine in less than 10 min
  2. How to create an online SQL database in less than 10 min
  3. Provision a develop & test workstation with Visual Studio in less than 10 min
  4. Provision a highly available, scalable website in less than 1 hour

Once you’ve done that you just submit your Azure Subscription ID & web URL in the entry form, and you will get a free t-shirt sent to you. Simples.

If you want to stand the chance to win bigger prizes – Surface Pro 3, Weekend getaway, Xbox One console – then you need to share your experiences in no more than 500 words. You need to do that by the 31st December for a chance to win* a great prize and to be featured as “Cloud Hero” of the month.

*As you’d expect, Terms and Conditions apply, which you can read here, and the offer is good while supplies last. ®

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