VISUALISED: The Golden Vulture Dropping of Excellence

' fingering Facebook over murder is f*cking scandalous'

Golden Dropping of Excellence

CoTW After a short break for fresh air and relief from the hilarity of El Reg's commentards, Comment of the Week returns!

Opening this week's account of the hilarious and the fail-filled is aptly named commentard Phuq Witt, with this dreadfully dull and unfunny aside on our review of the Banana Pi:

"I met a Minecraft user called BananaPi a couple of months ago. I wonder if she had insider knowledge?"

I wonder if she was a she.

What a welcome back to the joys of tard-mangling that was. Go on, downvote it, you know you want to.

Meanwhile, Disgruntled of TW scooped a healthy number of upvotes for this well-observed post on the news that the Snooper's Charter is basically going to be made into British law:

Once again fantastic claims of "aiding crime prevention" without a shred of evidence to support them. Ms May appears ill informed, and thinks all she has to do is convince a non-technical parliamentary group to give her something she can wave as a trophy. Where are the subject matter experts, lining up to support her? Scared of peer review I expect.

And does a DSL DHCP allocation to a router go far enough? If not, do they think ISPs can afford to deploy technology to map an individual (ID cards anyone?) to an IP address beyond the NATing router? What about public access points? VPNs? Proxies? RFC1918 addresses? They have no clue.

If she succeeds, as there aren't enough security professionals to vote her out, she will go down as the Home Secretary that gave away our freedom.

Good point, well made, nice use of colour. Also utterly depressing, albeit bang on the money, so we won't dwell too long on it.

Making an honorary appearance purely for the sheer number of downvotes, meanwhile, is our very own Andrew Orlowski. Commenting on one of his own stories about how musicians are suing over a change to copyright law that allows private copying of material without compensation, he said:

"Here we are talking about charging twice."

You might be - nobody else is.

The great Vulture Tardmangling Device is unable to explain why this got so many downvotes. Offers, folks?

The Wooden Twig of Fail

This week's outright worst comment, epitomising everything we don't want below the line on El Reg, was from Mrd000, who commented on the aforementioned snoopers' charter story:

It's not nesessary the evil

I disagree from the article writer and all the comentary.

He wrote more than that but sod reproducing it – interested readers can click the link provided. 60 downvotes, all well deserved too.

And this week's winner of the Golden Vulture Dropping of Excellence...

...comes from silver-badged 'tard Gordon 10, on the news that are trying to finger Facebook for the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich last year:

They are effectively saying let's use the tragic death of a soldier to monitor everybody online.

Which is not only disproportionate its fucking scandalous and the people suggesting this should be named and shamed.

Very well said, Gordon. Bask in the glory, if you will, of the Golden Vulture Dropping of Excellence, as visualised by glorious past winner moiety:

Golden Dropping of Excellence

Wonderful, isn't it?

And on that bombshell: Goodbye, print safely. ®

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