Holy sh*t! Amsterdam man in pop-up public toilet shock horror

Go home UriLift loo, YOU'RE DRUNK!

RoTM A man in Amsterdam suffered minor injuries last night after a toilet emerging from the ground flipped a moped into the air, which then struck the victim.

UriLift loos were installed in the wacky baccy Dutch city in an effort to stop blokes taking a slash in the streets.

As this vid shows, the toilets appear to rise up from the ground very slowly. But then, a moped travelling at speed could easily take a knock from the pee machines.

Youtube Video

A man tweeted a photo showing the damage caused by the emerging loo, which was reported by the BBC.

The Beeb added that the matter was being investigated by authorities in the city. We assume this probe will not extend to a urine test.

A tip of the Dutch cap to the various Reg readers who got in touch to tell us about this wee-stained RoTM tale. ®

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