Save Thanksgiving! Get your turkey to text you when it's done

Okay it's $40 but what price emotional turmoil?

It may be a cliché, but the one thing guaranteed to ruin your Thanksgiving dinner, as well as provide one more thing that your family to torture you with for the rest of your life, is a burnt turkey.

Well, worry no more. Not only have boffins at iDevices developed a thermometer that you can leave in the oven with the bird but they have also figured out how to text your phone when it's ready.

Yes, there's an app for that.

The Kitchen Thermometer Mini will set you back US$40 but for that you get a probe with a 48-inch cord and a magnetic color device that connects to your phone and lets you know how things are progressing.

The device will turn from green to red as your turkey heats up (assuming you correctly choose 'turkey' in the presets) and communicate over Bluetooth with your phone (iPhone 3 and up, and most Android phones). You can customize alerts to give you time to prepare other food or let you know when it's reached the right temperature to be pulled out.

Or, if you find nothing is happening, you could avoid the flipside of burning the turkey - carving pieces of cold or uncooked meat and suffering a similar humiliation but with added hunger thrown in.

There is one other advantage: it gives you a legitimate excuse to keep checking your phone. So when it all gets too much and Aunt Helen will not shut up, just tell her you need to check on the cooking and log into Facebook. Problem solved. ®

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