We're not, er, 'cut-throat' capitalists – VC formerly known as ISIS

Equity firm now called 'Living Bridge'. The horror continues


Not wanting to be confused with the vicious band of Middle Eastern warmongerers, ISIS Equity Partners has killed off its old brand, and is now answering the phones as Living Bridge.

The name change was for fairly obvious reasons, as the venture capitalist doesn’t want to be associated with, er, blood-thirty, medieval cut-throats, though MD Wol Kolade’s gave a more floral explanation for the new tag.

“Living Bridges are bridges that are often centuries old and handmade from the roots of living trees,” he said.

The PE, which backs numerous tech firms, was founded in 1995, and as far as we know no trees were axed in its construction, save for maybe those contained in the office furniture.

He continued: “These bridges are not static structures; they continue to grow and self-renew and in doing so become even stronger over time."

This, Kolade added, is the “perfect analogy for what we aspire to achieve with the businesses we back”. Nice.

The portfolio of investments includes ISP Metronet UK and outsourced database, application and security management Quantix.

Kolade will be praying that Islamic State and other emerging terror groups don’t follow suit, because corporate rebranding can be quite a costly affair.

He may have also missed an opportunity to "think out of the box", where he could have used the former brand to attract funding or interns from those on the angry religious fringe. ®

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