Countdown contestant pays homage to IT Crowd's Moss

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Maurice Moss, IT Crowd

In one of the world’s greatest self-referential in-jokes, Countdown contestant Danny Davies has worn a T-shirt commemorating the appearance of Maurice Moss on Countdown in an episode of The IT Crowd.

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Davies appeared on the show wearing a T-shirt that said “Good morning, that’s a nice TNETENNBA” in homage to Moss, who famously won Countdown with the nine-letter word “TNETENNBA” and was then asked to use it in a sentence.

Countdown contestant Danny Davies pays homage to The IT Crowd's Moss

The IT Crowd creator Graham Linehan was suitably chuffed, tweeting “Hurrah!”, when a fan sent him the picture of Davies. To which Davies replied with another classic IT Crowd/Countdown episode reference:

Host Nick Hewer didn’t really seem to understand the joke, but a few murmurs of laughter showed at least some of the studio audience were both The IT Crowd and Countdown fans.

Sadly, Davies only appeared on the show for one round, losing out to then reigning champion Laurence Killen, who had an eight-episode winning streak. ®

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