NetApp cyclists part from storage firm... go to Bora Bora

Go further, faster ... from former sponsor


NetApp's sponsorship of the European Endura professional cycle racing team is no longer, er, on tap.

The team formerly known as Team NetApp Endura will rebrand after gaining a new sponsor in the form of Germany's BORA, which makes cooker surfaces and cooker extractors.

Team NetApp Endura was formed for the 2013 season, combining the existing Team NetApp and the UK's Endura team.

Sponsoring a road race cycle team is not quite up there with Formula 1 Grands Prix glamour and glitz, but NetApp arguably made a bigger sponsorship bang in the pro cycle race world than it would have done in the desperately expensive, over-hyped and over-crowded F1 sponsorship world.

Under its NetApp colours, the team did not have a particularly good end to its season, with its final race, the 240km Paris-Tours sprint classic, plagued by bad luck and crashes.

The team promised a fair amount and achieved quite a lot, such as winning the Rund um Köln (Tour of Cologne).


Team NetApp Endura colours

The team will go no further nor faster under NetApp colours but will hopefully start cooking up the desired results under BORA's name. ®

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