Speaking in Tech: LIVE from Dell World 2014

Is server or storage technology leading tech development?


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Here is the latest episode of El Reg's weekly techcast, Speaking in Tech, from Dell World – with Ed Saipetch, Sarah Vela and Matt Baker, Dell's head of Enterprise Strategy, discussing "ecosystems of technology", multiple architectures, and why Dell bought itself.

We're all ready to download to your phone or tablet to make your commute home more informative and funny. Want to skip to the bits that interest you most? Check out our index times below.

Topics on the menu today are:

  • Introductions at Dell World in Austin (0:45)
  • Dell's biggest acquisition: Itself (8:15)
  • Intellectually lazy buzz words (12:15)
  • From VRTX to FX (14:30)
  • Dell building Nutanix and EVO:RAIL boxes (24:45)
  • Server or storage: Who leads whom? (28:10)


Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

Speaking in Tech: Episode 135

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