Europe's cyber security agency wants pick your infosec BRAINS

Reg readers... anyone... Bueller?

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Do you work in the ICT sector? If so, Europe’s top cyber security agency wants you. ENISA (The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security) is looking for 20 experts to join its “Permanent Stakeholders’ Group”.

Self-declared experts who work in the ICT sector for fixed and mobile electronic communications providers, internet service providers, network and information security service providers or in the hardware and software industries are invited to apply by 5 January. There are also places for representatives of consumer organisations and academic institutions.

According to the official notice, the eggheads “represent neither a country, nor a company, but are selected upon the basis of their own specific expertise and personal merits”.

The experts will be part of the group from February 2015 to August 2017 and will advise ENISA, in particular on drawing up the agency’s annual work programme.

ENISA executive director, Udo Helmbrecht, said the group was a “vital” part of ENISA’s strategic operation. “I look forward to welcoming the new members on board and working closely together to address and respond to the future challenges of the EU’s cyber security,” he said.

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