'ANYTHING BUT STABLE' Netflix suffers BIG Europe-wide outage

Friday night LIVE? Nope. The only thing streaming are tears down my face

Netflix was struck by what appeared to be a fairly significant 90-minute outage on its streaming service late on Friday night that affected folk across Europe.

The company coughed to problems with its network at around 9:30pm UK time last night.

Blighty cable company Virgin Media told its subscribers that Netflix was having a grumpy little sit down. The telco said that the outage looked like "a big fault".

Netflix went titsup at what was likely to be one of its peak viewing times, and there were plenty of tears before bedtime from unhappy subscribers who couldn't binge-watch Homeland, Stargate SG1 and other films and dramas via the service.

Despite that, Netflix preferred to characterise the outage as a "hiccup".

Meanwhile, Reg reader Neil spotted an amusing and somewhat unfortunate ad juxtaposition on Netflix's UK and Ireland Twitter page last night. He kindly sent us a screen grab.

Oh. ®

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