Citrix: Wearables allow conference calls 'while rocking a baby to sleep'

Hands up who still wants Android Wear? Not so many of you now, eh?

Citrix has decided that owners of Android Wear devices will want to log on to conference calls, and has tweaked its GoToMeeting client so it runs on the wearable kit.

The updated app can be found here.

Citrix says the app is a good idea because you can “Take a jog while you’re taking a meeting.”

Which sounds like it will work so very well, given that puffing and panting your way through a chat with a client is generally regarded as excellent customer service.

Citrix also suggest you might “Listen in on a session while rocking your baby to sleep — no squirming into your pockets and fumbling with your phone needed.”

Have these people ever actually rocked a baby to sleep? Don't they know that a car door closing a mile away can undo an hour of sleep-inducing effort? (Judging from the youthful looks of the writer responsible for the post, no - Ed)

Citrix's last reason for the app being a good idea is “Plus, you’re going to feel like a super-cool spy.”

Make of that what you will.

The idea behind wearables seems to be that watches are even more intimate devices than phones. One wears a watch everywhere and it's therefore a convenient way to snack on information, or a usefully smaller device to collect data during activities like exercise.

Just why Citrix thinks wearables will also be employed for web conferencing isn't clear. Bandwagon-clambering looks the most likely scenario: wearables are So Hot Right Now that doing a Dick Tracy might seem sensible. ®

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