'Utter killjoy Reg hacks have NEVER BEEN LAID', writes a fan

'Shuddit, smarty pants!' Some readers reacted badly to our last Doctor Who review ...

Doctor Who on Kill The Moon

Last week’s Doctor Who review of Kill The Moon certainly sparked some strong opinions. On Twitter, there were those who couldn’t agree more:

Those who couldn’t agree less, meanwhile, decided to impugn the scribes’ sexual activity:

Here on The Reg, opinions were similarly divided. Reader bpfh said:

looks like no more Who for me ...

It’s to much of a pain to torrent from Europe to watch a half arsed sci-fi series with no sci and not really believable fi anymore. People complained about Matt Smith compared to [David] Tennant when he actually kept it together and was only bad when under an influence or to conceal something in the very short term. This incarnation is totally different and has been a confusing and insufferable ass since day 1. I've had enough.

And BeeDee said:

Sci-fi without science, and with all the depth of a toddler's bedtime story. How disappointing. Does the writer of this cringe-worthy 'sci-fi' have no grasp of science at all? The end of Dr Who for me too, I think.

But not all Reg commentards were feeling the anti-Who vibe. Gordon 10 said:

However preposterous it was ...

It's my favourite episode of the series so far. Dodgy science, dodgy sets and effects. It could have been an episode from the original series.

On top of that we get some cracking dialogue and brilliant acting between Capaldi and Coleman, and the real Capaldi Doctor appears and he's a cracker forcing his companion to make the decisions.

It has redeemed the series for me.

And Anonymous Bullard pointed out:

We know all that!

You're not supposed to scientifically analyse every aspect of it. That's the worst thing you can do with the majority of science fiction - as soon as you start that, you've ruined it for yourself and the others you try to be a smarty pants to.

It's not a documentary, it's a Saturday evening TV show aimed at the masses. Sit back, don't think too deep into it, and enjoy the adventure, peril, and dilemmas.

While Phoenix50 reckons we should all take it easy – it’s only TV, folks:

Oh dear.

So many people taking so little, so seriously.

I loved it because it was another episode of Doctor Who. A show I've been watching since childhood. A show that always manages to take me back to those times. A show that's not perfect by any stretch, but it doesn't matter to me – I'll always lap it up.

Stop being so disappointed that it doesn't meet your exacting standards for the perfect science fiction drama.

Tune in later today for the review of this week’s episode, Mummy on the Orient Express, after which you too can tell our hacks how wrong, right or sexually challenged they are. ®

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