Build a DevOps culture: Because you’re better together

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Handy synopsis for you

Everyone’s talking about DevOps, but not everyone can do it. Rapid prototyping that incorporates feedback gets great results when you do it well, but that’s easier said than done. What’s the balance between innovation and optimisation? How do you keep control of the process? How do you ensure it creates better results, not just more work?

IBM’s Ashok Reddy is the man to ask: he’s led the definition for IBM's view on DevOps, and knows how to plan and execute a DevOps project. He’s a hard man to get hold of (we’ve been trying to get him for six months), so we’re delighted that he’s in the Reg studio for an hour on 7 November. Joining him, Freeform Dynamics’ Dale Vile will be making sure that we don’t forget the Ops in DevOps.


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