CIOs: What’s stopping you getting on the board?

Old hands spill the beans at Reg Roundtable

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Reg Events Who really sets the technology strategy for your company? If you're the head of tech, but you’re not on the board, it probably isn’t you.

So on 28 October, The Register Roundtable will be discussing the thorny problem of:

How to get CIOs on the board

Senior techies have all sorts of titles written on their business cards. But does anything compare with having a nice big Chief at the beginning of it?

Even so, does being CIO, CTO or Chief Architect actually get you any real power to set the agenda of the business as a whole? Or have you just become fall-guy-in-chief for other “senior decision makers”, whether in tech or “the business”, and who have sway in the boardroom.

Whether you’re looking for guidance on how to navigate your way to the top, or want to compare notes on how to really deliver once you’re there, we’d love to see you at the Soho Hotel in Central London on 28 October at 3pm.

Once the formal talk is over, we’ll be carrying on the conversation over cocktails and fine wines. We’ll leave you to decide which will be the most productive part of the discussion, but Chatham Rules will apply from start to finish.

We’ll be keeping the numbers down to no more than 12, and we’re aiming to keep the panel as broad-based as possible. If you don’t make the list for this event, don’t worry, we’ll make sure you’re on the list for future events.

You can register your interest by clicking here. ®

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