Amazon: Wish in one hand, Twit in the other – see which one fills first

#AmazonWishList A year's supply of Arran scotch, ta

Amazon users can now add items to their wish lists via a Twitter hashtag.

The web souk said customers can link their Twitter accounts with their Amazon profiles, and automatically send tweeted links into their Amazon wish list of desired stuff.

Under the new system, users can reply to Tweeted links of Amazon products with a #AmazonWishList tag. The page will then be saved and added to the user's Amazon Wish List for later browsing and, hopefully for Amazon, purchase.

When the item has been successfully added to the Wish List, users will receive an email and reply tweet confirming the decision.

Those who tend to tweet under the influence, breathe easy. The Twitter option is only for the Wish List, not for the actual shopping cart direct purchase, so no worry of waking up to a headache and giant bill of impulse buys.

After all, that's for the #AmazonCart tag. ®

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