Reg readers respond: Yes, it's time for Comment of the Week

'Utter bollocks ... usually spewed out by the Guardian'

CoTW Another week, another batch of angry flaming going on in the hallowed halls of El Reg's comments threads. Naturally, we've sliced and diced this week's choicest comments for your amusement - and enragement.

This week's contenders for the Golden Vulture Dropping of Agreement are a relatively modest and temperate crowd, which makes a pleasant change for the highly secretive machinery here at CoTW which cherrypicks the best from the rest.

Getting a lot of you highly wound up this week was the story of how Israeli Defence Force spies were refusing to assist with NSA-style mass surveillance of Palestinian citizens.

Silver-badged commentard h4rm0ny gathered a fair number of you agreeing with her after posting this:

Good for them.

I have a lot of respect for those that risk themselves to resist oppression of themselves. But I have even more respect for those that resist it from the inside when they could so easily stay quiet and look the other way. It takes a special kind of courage to stand up against your own "side" for what is right. Their actions do more to stop people demonizing Israelies then any amount of its government's propaganda.

On the flip side of the coin, fellow silver-badger Ted Treen copped himself a virtual kicking for posting this in response to an Anonymous Coward who claimed the Israelis prefer killing Palestinians to worrying about their privacy:

Utter bollocks of the kind usually spewed out by the Grauniad. The inhabitants of Gaza voted for Hamas knowing their stated aim is the eradication of Israel, so they are just as responsible as the droves who voted for the NSDAP in Germany in the 1930's. Hamas are renowned for siting missile-launchers, arms dumps etc. right by schools and hospitals - and even have their HQ underneath a hospital. As their supporters and fighters do not wear any recognisable uniform, pray differentiate between a terrorist & a civilian. Is Israel supposed to just say "Tut, tut" to a daily rain of indiscriminate rockets? The IDF uses its weapons to protect its people: Hamas uses its people to protect its weapons.

It seems his expectation of a “deluge of downvotes” duly came true.

Moving on, the ever-popular Trevor Pott (for it is he) posted this rather neat retort to someone who frankly needs no introduction once you read the riposte.

A) that's barely cogent

B) what do attacks on renewables have to do with battery tech?

C) your information is a combination of wrong, cherry picked and sadly out of date.

In all, 7/10. You have mostly decent grammar, there's no random capitalization, no caps lock and no excessive, repetitive punctuation. Once more, with feeling, perhaps?

Like all good things, CoTW must come to an end, and so we reach this week's winners of the Golden Vulture Dropping of Agreement and the Wooden Twig of Fail.

Scooping up this week's Golden Dropping is William Donelson, who smartly commented on news that Hollywood binned most of its 4K TV tapes by accident:

If you ask 100 people on the street what is wrong with TV, none of them will say "Resolution" - Nicholas Negroponte, M.I.T.

And fetching this week's Wooden Twig of Fail from the far reaches of the field of despair is Dan Paul, who was less than impressed with the news that an Italian court had ordered HP to pay compensation to an irritated punter who took exception to being supplied with a Windows PC.

I would assume that HP has to rebate the price that was charged to the user for Windows not what they actually paid. Wouldn't that still leave a profit for them? I can see this ruling resulting in users having to buy and install their own operating systems now. Good luck with that.

Good luck with that indeed. And on that bombshell, goodbye, print safely. ®

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