Six of the best gaming keyboard and mouse combos

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Razer Black Widow Ultimate Stealth

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In this Black Widow update, the stealth in the title refers to Razer’s decision to replace Cherry MX Blue “clicky” key switches with the lighter and quieter Cherry MX Brown key switches to reduce the clatter of the keys, but unfortunately this seems to have made them slightly more resistant and stiffer as a trade-off.

Still, if you’re a Razer fan and you don’t mind sounding like someone playing StarCraft on crystal meth, then save yourself the cash and opt for the slightly cheaper Razer Black Widow, which is a decent mechanical gaming keyboard.

The new improved matte finish stops any jammy fingerprint issues and individual backlit keys are a nod to Razer’s commitment to functionality – they also complement the cray cray futuristic design. The addition of five customisable keys with on-the-fly macro editing to assign a string of commands to one key, gold-plated connectors and luxury braided cables make this a contender in the high end gaming keyboard field. For some Razer owners, though, buying into Stealth mode may well prove an unnecessary upgrade.

Razer Black Widow Ultimate Stealth gaming keyboard

Price £125
More info Razer

Razer Ouroboros

Razer’s tagline for the Ouroboros is “Hold infinity in your hand”, and as you can imagine that’s quite uncomfortable. Six hours on the technical Alpha of Warlords of Dreanor has left me with hand cramp and that’s something I would never get from a Logitech G502. This is probably to do with the gap in the palm rest.

That said, the Razer Ouroboros looks like some kind of Batmobile and has exceptional customisation features. Two tiny screws allow me to adjust the length of the mouse and the height of the palm rest as well as swap out various finger pads. An impressive DPI range that reaches dizzy resolution of 8200 is adjustable on the fly, which is great for FPS gaming.

There are also 12 programmable buttons that were super useful for grappling and jumping in The Amazing Spiderman 2. So don’t get me wrong, this is an impressive ambidextrous mouse that performs with outstanding precision and accuracy, but it’s not my mouse of choice for comfort reasons and price.

Razer Ouroboros gaming mouse

Price £130
More info Razer

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