Fujitsu takes next-gen HPC chip on the road

Exascale powerhouse on the way

Fujitsu is getting ready to tout its next supercomputer silicon at the upcoming Hot Chips conference, a follow-up to the first peek given in June.

The silicon the outfit plans for next-generation big iron, the SPARC64 Xlfx, is Fujitsu's hope for exascale computing: a 32-core, 1 Tflop (double precision) / 2 Tflop (single precision) monster designed to work with the Tofu2 optical interconnect.

In this presentation from the end of June, the vendor says the Xlfx will be the base of a 3-CPU memory board, with 12 CPU nodes per 2-unit water cooled chassis and 200 nodes per cabinet. Inter-chassis connections will be provided by Finisar optical modules, and each chassis will include multiple Micron hybrid memory cubes (HMCs).

In another presentation, Fujitsu says the Xlfx-based system will deliver 100 Petaflops per cabinet, and will have 12.5 gigabytes/second bidirectional communication links (which more than doubles the 5 GB/s speed of the Tofu1 interconnect used in the company's K computer).

All up, the company says, the Xlfx system packs one K computer cabinet's worth of iron grunt into each chassis, while being binary-compatible with the K and its immediate predecessor, the PRIMEHPC FX10.

The software stack has automatic parallelisation compilers for Fortran, C and C++, and supports OpenMP, MPI, and XPFortran.

Hot Chips kicks off on Sunday, August 10. ®

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