Geeks Guide2 Christmas 2009 — Part IV

Last in the trilogy of sales

A Geeks Guide 2 Christmas It’s time to wrap up with the fourth and final part of our trilogy in true geek style. In addition to the books featured below, we also have a further 12,000+ items available at the bookstore, all with special Chrimbo discounts and same working day dispatch where available. There is also free delivery on orders over £25!

The Geek Atlas

The Geek AtlasThe Geek Atlas is a unique traveller’s handbook to visiting 128 destinations throughout the world where scientific, mathematical, or technological breakthroughs have occurred – or are happening now. There are over 500 pages to flick through, and the sites discussed are primarily based in the UK or the USA, however a further 18 countries are visited including Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Serbia.

Whether you fancy chancing the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, sitting under Newton’s apple tree, or taking a glimpse of the Trinity Test site, this book gives you all the information about the people and science behind them, crammed with photos and illustrations along with latitudes and longitudes for GPS devices to get there.

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The Drunkard’s Walk

The Drunkard’s WalkWhen a book is described as “wonderfully readable” by Stephen Hawking you can be sure it is not the next Stephenie Meyer novel. Indeed, you can expect some maths and statistical analysis as you enter Leonard Mlodinow’s world of randomness.

The Drunkard’s Walk is an eye-opening guide to understanding our random world. It presents the psychological illusions that prevent us understanding everything from stock-picking to wine-tasting, winning the lottery to road safety, and reveals the truth about the success of sporting heroes and film stars, and even how to make sense of a blood test.

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Coders at Work

Coders at WorkAuthor Peter Seibel interviews 15 of the most interesting computer programmers in the world today, including Ken Thompson, Fran Allen, Jamie Zawinski, Peter Norvig, and Brad Fitzpatrick. Offering a brand-new companion volume to the highly acclaimed best-seller Founders at Work, each interview focuses on how each programmer tackles their day-to-day routine, while also revealing how they became great programmers, how they recognise talent, and what they think about the future of programming.

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The Age of Wonder

The Age of WonderThe Age of Wonder is an exploration of the scientific ferment that swept across Britain at the end of the 18th Century, by prize-winning biographer Richard Holmes. We begin our tale with Joseph Banks as he steps onto a Tahitian beach in 1769 in search for Paradise. From this, we soon start to explore the earliest ideas of time and space, the creative rivalry with the French, and the impact of discovery on great writers and poets such as Mary Shelley and Keats.

Holmes further explores how great ideas and experiments are born out of lonely passion, how scientific discoveries and errors are made, how intense relationships are forged and broken by research, and how religious faith and scientific truth collide. The result of which is a highly original and intellectual piece of high energy story telling.

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Just a Geek

Just a GeekJust a Geek is a fleshed out collection of blog entries that were originally published at – home of Wil “Wesley Crusher” Wheaton. Since his days in Star Trek and Stand by Me, Wil has generated a substantial online following, with over 1.5 million followers on Twitter as an example. However it was his blog, launched back in 2001, that captured the minds and hearts of many as he discussed his life with fearless honesty: the struggles of being a working-class actor, marriage, and the experience of growing up on the Starship Enterprise.

With foreword by Neil Gaiman, Just a Geek joins Wil during both funny and poignant moments as the book chronicles his journey to rediscover himself, come to terms with what it means to be famous, or ironically, famous for having been previously famous.

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