Ricoh GR Digital III compact camera

For those who take their image seriously

The GR Digital III measures 108.6 x 59.8 x 25.5mm and weighs around 210 grams with battery and card. Ricoh provides camera software in the form of Irodio Photo and Video Studio, but it’s only for Windows users.

Ricoh GR Digital III

Uncluttered and easily customisable

The GR Digital III looks and feels classy. It’s got a clean, uncluttered design and some nice touches, like a small lock that stops you accidentally moving the mode dial out of position. In an addition to auto mode, there are Program AE, shutter priority, aperture priority and scene modes.

However, if you’re expecting the GR Digital III to offer food, portrait and other familiar scene modes, think again. There are just four scene modes – Dynamic Range Double Shot, which takes two shots and then combines the two images to improve the tonal range. Skew Correct realigns tapering, low-angle shots to make them appear as if they taken directly in front of the object. Text mode takes black and white photos of text, and we don’t think you need to guess what Movie mode offers.

There’s plenty of scope to configure the camera to meet your own requirements, thanks to a comprehensive menu system that offers shooting, key custom options and set-up menus. There are three My Setting options on the mode dial. Each My Setting position acts a personalised preset, allowing you to specify the shooting mode, aperture, shutter speed, focus mode and several other parameters.

There are also two Function buttons, which can be assigned various settings including ISO, AF/MF modes, White balance, RAW/JPEG and image quality. An Adj lever can be used to quickly alter up to four shooting parameters including, white balance, exposure compensation, continuous shooting, ISO, focus and flash. While the zoom lever can be applied to the 4x digital zoom, the white balance setting or adjusting the exposure compensation – the choice is yours.

Ricoh GR Digital III

Big screen but, like most cameras, the display doesn't perform well in bright sunlight

The GR Digital III is a delight to use. Switch on is fast and the camera is ready to shoot in around one second. The customised settings make it very quick and easy to select the settings you want. For example, we assigned the ISO, white balance, AF mode and continuous shooting modes to the Adj lever. When we pressed the Adj lever, four icons appeared instantly representing these settings.

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