A Geeks Guide2... Christmas - Part IV

Further festive goodness from Reg Books

Geeks Guide 2 ChristmasNow it's time to say "So long and thanks for all the Fish" with the fourth part of our trilogy of Crimbo ideas. Every order placed will be despatched same day, even the ones that qualify for free P&P. Our last shipping date for guaranteed Christmas delivery (using our Economy service) is Thursday 18 December, so better get your (ice) skates on.

Don't Panic: Douglas Adams & The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Don't Panic: Douglas Adams & The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyWe start with a great book, a personal favourite of ours at Reg Books. Don't Panic is the definitive companion to the life and work of the late, great Douglas Adams. Written by sci-fi and fantasy author Neil Gaiman the book covers the story behind the idea that became Hitchhikers, the radio series, the five book trilogy and everything else that DNA ever worked on, from Liff and Dirk Gently to The Salmon of Doubt.

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The Annotated Turing

The Annotated TuringFrom one great man to another, acclaimed programmer Charles Petzold delves into the historic 1936 paper by Alan Turing On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem. Expanding on the original 36 page paper, Petzold uses additional chapters and annotations to help explain and clear up many of Turing’s original statements making the paper much more readable. In addition the book covers the major incidents in Turing’s life from his Cambridge days to his untimely early death.

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The Best of 2600: A Hacker Odyssey

The Best of 2600: A Hacker OdysseyFor over 20 years the quarterly magazine 2600 has provided articles for readers who are curious about technology. The strongest, most interesting and most controversial articles from the magazine are collected together in Best of 2600: A Hacker Odyssey. These include stories about the creation of tone dialers to make free phone calls, the founding of the EFF and the security (or lack of it) in modern locks. There’s even a chapter on great toys from the 21st century. A book for anyone with an interest in technology.

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Maran Illustrated Wine

Maran Illustrated WineWe leave technology behind now and move onto something festive - alcohol. Maran Illustrated Wine is a fantastic guide that uses simple, easy-to-understand text and full-colour photographs to help you learn the basics, from grape varieties and how wine is made through to advanced topics like how to taste wine and building a wine collection of your own. With information about ordering wine in a restaurant, such as how to match the most suitable wine with your food and serving wine, this book has something for everyone.

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Maran Illustrated Cocktails

Maran Illustrated CocktailsFrom Wine we move to Cocktails. We’ve all tried to make cocktails at some point but rarely have we succeeded in being Tom Cruise in Cocktail. This book will help you whip up anything from Daiquiris & Margaritas to Shooters & warm coffee drinks. Each recipe is accompanied by clear, step by step instructions and a full-colour photograph of each drink, making it easy to mix the perfect James Bond Martini (shaken, not stirred).

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Michael Freeman Mastering Digital Photography

 Michael Freeman Mastering Digital PhotographyMichael Freeman is an international photographer and writer, this book is a huge 600 page volume of knowledge from his distinguished photographic career. Starting with an introduction to the workings of the modern digital camera, the book continues through examinations of natural light, artificial lighting, portraiture, reportage, action shots, landscapes, macro, studio work, colour, black and white, printing and display. The perfect gift for anybody who wants to take their photography further.

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All Talk French 16hr MP4 Player

All Talk French 16hr MP4 PlayerAnd now for something completely different, a piece of hardware. Language experts Linguaphone have preloaded their popular 16 hour allTalk courses onto an interactive MP4 player. No further installation or download is needed, just switch on and learn. The French course follows George, a first-time visitor to Paris, using his experiences to immerse you in the language and culture as you 'listen, understand and speak'. There are also three other languages available: Italian, Spanish and German.

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