Coming soon: The Church of Googlology?

WHOIS trawl reveals plans for burrito-worship sex cult

Those among you who are increasingly concerned at Google's inexorable rise to total domination of Planet Earth would do well to check out this report into the vast number of domain names the search monolith has acquired, many of which indicate its sinister future intentions.

A good percentage of Google's domain manifest is made up of typo-based variants on its name, such as, and, somewhat improbably,

And, of course, the company has moved to protect its brand from the time-honoured -sucks suffix attack, as demonstrated by, and

Nothing surprising there, but what about possible future Google tentacles, such as,, and, rather agreeably,

Looking further afield, though, we find chilling evidence of Google's extraterrestrial ambitions with,,, and indeed, with the future subjugation of known creation doubtless driven by and while financed by from its

Our immediate concern, however, is not enslavement to Google's planned space empire, but rather the prospect of - allegedly a free-love sex cult supported by donations to via broadcasts and predicated on the worship of Mexican cuisine.

The proof? Well, try and, the latter presumably a series of revelations giving Church of Googlology acolytes sensational insights by which they may ascend to the highest level of consciousness at Amen. ®

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