Geek gifts for Christmas

Part Two: Please your geek

Site offer And so we continue with the second installment of our Christmas offerings. With some of this year's expected bestsellers in the list below, it truly is a blockbuster production.

To add our own bit of festive goodwill, we're offering up to 40 per cent off all titles.

  • The Bumper Book of Government Waste 2008 Edition
    It's back and, depressingly, the figure is even bigger than last time. In this new edition of The Bumper Book, Matthew Elliott and Lee Rotherham have unearthed a staggering £101bn of government misspending - all paid for by you, the taxpayer. It's such an enormous figure it is difficult to get your head round it. What could be done with £101bn? You could paper the entire East Midlands and London with £5 notes, and still have a few billion left over to build one hell of a crane from which to admire your handiwork. Converted into one penny coins and piled on top of each other, it would reach the Moon and back five times. But perhaps more usefully, the government could cut the tax burden of every household by more than £4,000 a year. Mind blowing, isn't it?
  • The Big Red Book Of New Labour Sleaze
    The first edition of this book was one of the first ever written by a collection of internet bloggers. Iain Dale and Guido Fawkes run two of Britain's most read political blogs and they invited their fellow bloggers and blog readers to contribute to the book, which details more than 140 instances of New Labour sleaze since 1997 - cronyism, nepotism, sex, money, drugs - you name it, New Labour have been at it. This is the long-awaited second edition updated with even more New Labour indiscretions.
  • Forbidden LEGO
    Forbidden Lego introduces you to the type of free-style building that LEGO's master builders do for fun in their back rooms. Using LEGO bricks in combination with common household materials (from rubber bands and glue to plastic spoons and ping-pong balls) along with some very unorthodox building techniques, you'll learn to create working models that LEGO would never endorse. Treat the kid in you this Christmas.
  • And Another Thing: The World According to Clarkson Volume 2
    Everyone knows Jeremy Clarkson finds the world a perplexing place - after all, he wrote a bestselling book about it. Yet despite the appearance of The World According To Clarkson, things don't seem to have improved much. However, Jeremy is not someone to give up easily and he's decided to have another go. Hot on the heels of his first bestselling book, Clarkson again bursts the pointless little bubbles of the idiots while celebrating the special, the unique, and the sheer bloody brilliant.
  • Steve Wright's Further Factoids
    Steve Wright, one of nation's favourite DJs, is a man with a brain the size of a small planet. Unfortunately for him, this brain appears to be filled with trivia that would make Magnus Magnuson green with envy. Fortunately for us, he has decided to let his brain gush out into another hilarious, fascinating, and informative compendium of strange and bizarre facts from around the world.
  • How To Fossilise Your Hamster: And Other Amazing Experiments For the Armchair Scientist
    How can you measure the speed of light with chocolate and a microwave? Why do yo-yos yo-yo? Why does urine smell so peculiar after eating asparagus? How long does it take to digest different types of food? One hundred wonderful, intriguing, and entertaining scientific experiments which show scientific principles first hand - this is science at its most popular and is an ideal gift to wile away Christmas afternoon with.
  • The iPhone Book - How to Do the Things You Want to Do with Your iPhone
    This book is a "show-me-how-to-do-it" book which skips all the confusing techno-jargon and tells you in plain English exactly how to use the iPhone features. With the iPhone being the must-have accessory of Christmas 2007, this will make an ideal gift.
  • Train Your Brain: 60 Days To A Better Brain
    Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training on the Nintendo DS is a worldwide phenomenon. Simple yet effective, it has taken the world by storm and this is the paperback version. Like the body, the brain needs exercise and this highly addictive book provides just that through daily exercises and weekly tests. Train your brain this Christmas.
  • The Optimist's Handbook: Facts, figures & arguments to silence cynics, doom-mongers & defeatists
    In this brand new book Nick Inman pulls together a list of 100 non-sh*t things for us to feel glad about. This is a book to inspire the reader while they are slogging to work or taking a break from the ironing. There may not be a perfect world around the corner, but there can at least be a little hope...(and something to smile about).

To be continued...

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