Evesham left debts of £6.8m

No surplus funds for unsecured creditors

Defunct British PC maker Evesham Technology went bust owing creditors nearly £7m, the firm's administrators have revealed.

However, unsecured creditors can forget any chance of a payout because there are no "surplus funds" available.

In a creditors report covering Evesham Technology, Evesham Technology Holdings and Mertec Evesham Technology, dated 27 September 2007, administrators DTE Leonard Curtis said there was no money in the pot for unsecured creditors.

Evesham notched up a massive outstanding creditors' debt of close to £6.8m, according to DTE. This followed the collapse of the computer maker, which fell into administration in August with the majority of the firm's staff being laid-off without notice.

DTE said it has so far received claims from creditors in excess of £3.6m.

Creditors had been given a deadline of noon today to file their claims to the administrators. DTE said an initial creditors meeting will take place if at least 10 per cent of creditors required it.

The firm still owes money to a long list of vendors and disties that include the likes of Microsoft, AMD, Avnet, Ingram Micro, Western Digital, and Computer 2000 (C2000).

Unsurprisingly, many Evesham channel partners were unwilling to comment on their financial relationship with the defunct firm.

But huge figures remain outstanding to some big hitters including more than £800,000 owed to Microsoft Licensing and about £340,000 due to AMD.

The chip maker confirmed in August that it had backed out of its direct relationship with the indigenous British computer manufacturer following the firm's collapse.

According to the report, Ingram Micro is owed about £48,000 from Evesham, while C2000 is owed £86,000.

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