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Site offer With reports that UK online sales in the weeks before Christmas hit nearly £7.7bn, and with the emerging markets in the Far East stamping their mark on today's online communities, it is a brave man that will bet against the web developing still further in terms of its importance in global financial markets.

SitePoint has emerged as one of the leading publishers for web professionals, and its range of books cover the core elements of both web programming, ensuring readers are at the forefront of web technologies.

Take a look at some of SitePoint's best-selling titles below, all at 40 per cent off*, and make sure you have the info you need to guarantee your website is one of the best.

  • The Art and Science of CSS
    Want to take your CSS designs to the next level? The Art and Science of CSS will show you how to create dozens of CSS-based Website components. You'll discover how to format calendars, menus, and table of contents, create horizontal, vertical, drop-down and tab-based navigation systems, and much more. This full-colour written book is written by an all-star team of CSS experts.
  • Build Your Own ASP.NET 2.0 Website Using C# & VB
    Learn how to build impressive ASP.NET 2.0 websites in both C# and VB from scratch. Using a practical step-by-step approach, the authors introduce the ASP.NET framework, teach you about database design, and walk you through obtaining, installing and configuring all the freely available software you need to use ASP.NET 2.0. They then show you how to build several real world web-based applications that you can put to use instantly in your projects.
  • Build Your Own Website The Right Way Using HTML & CSS
    Build Your Own Website The Right Way Using HTML & CSS teaches web development from scratch, without assuming any previous knowledge of HTML, CSS or web development techniques. This book introduces you to HTML and CSS as you follow along with the author, step-by-step, to build a fully functional website from the ground up. However, unlike countless other "learn web design" books, this title concentrates on modern, best-practice techniques from the very beginning, which means you'll get it right the first time.
  • Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications
    Want to learn all about Ruby on Rails, the application development framework that's taking the world by storm? Written for first-time Ruby on Rails programmers, this book will walk you through installing all the necessary software on a PC, Linux or Mac System. You'll then build, optimize and deploy a fully functional Web 2.0 application that takes full advantage of everything from AJAX to the MVC architecture.
  • The CSS Anthology
    A practical guide on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for professionals and novices that can be used both as a tutorial and read cover-to-cover or as a handy and practical reference book to common problems, solutions and effects. The Question and answer format makes it easy for you to solve problems and learn more about common pitfalls and workarounds. The book includes extensive coverage off CSS layouts, as well as cross-browser compatibility issues.
  • HTML Utopia
    HTML Utopia: Designing Without Tables Using CSS, 2nd Edition is for web developers looking to create websites using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for layout, which allow for faster page downloads, easier maintenance, faster website redesigns, and better search engine optimisation. HTML Utopia covers all aspects of using CSS in web development making it a must-read for those designing new sites or upgrading existing ones to use CSS layouts.
  • Build Your Own AJAX Web Applications
    AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a new approach for developing web applications. It essentially permits users to interact with a web page without forcing a slow and tedious reload of the entire page after every action. This means web applications become more responsive, easier to use, and more intuitive. Throughout this beginner's guide, you'll master practical AJAX usage that will make your site easier and more intuitive to use.
  • Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP and MySQL
    Build Your Own Database-Driven Website Using PHP & MySQL is a practical guide for first-time users of PHP and MySQL that teaches readers by creating a fully working content management system, shopping cart and other real-world applications. This book is a perfect stepping-stone into the world of server-side web development, as no prior programming experience is assumed.
  • The Photoshop Anthology
    The Photoshop Anthology is a full-colour, question and answer book for web designers who want to use Photoshop to build websites and create better looking web graphics more effectively. Includes extensive coverage of Photoshop workflow techniques, that will turn your designs into working websites in no time at all.
  • The JavaScript Anthology
    Using a cookbook approach, The JavaScript Anthology will show you how to apply JavaScript to solve over 101 common web development challenges. It includes extensive coverage of object oriented coding, efficient script design, accessibility, and cross-browser issues. Best of all, you'll get download access to all the code used in the book, so you can put the scripts to use instantly.
  • Build Your Own Standards Compliant Website Using Dreamweaver 8
    Build Your Own Standards Compliant Website with Dreamweaver 8 is written for any user of Dreamweaver who wants to create standards compliant, usable, and fully accessible websites. By applying web standards and best-practices, you will learn to create fast-loading, easy-to-maintain and cross-browser compatible websites.
  • PHP Anthology Volume 1: Foundations
    A compilation of best practice solutions to common web development problems in PHP, focusing on the achievement of practical goals by applying well-structured, object orientated software design principles. Volume 1 covers the foundations of PHP including writing portable and reusable code, storing and extracting data from files, manipulating text, working with email and error handling. In addition to being an excellent reference with over 60 customisable solutions, the book acts as an excellent primer for Object Orientated Programming.
  • PHP Anthology Volume II: Applications
    A compilation of best practice solutions to common web development problems in PHP, focusing on the achievement of practical goals by applying well-structured, object orientated software design principles. Volume 2 covers the applications of PHP in the real world including authentication & access control, XML, stats & tracking, caching data to improve performance, design techniques, and design patterns. The chapter on design patterns is particularly unique as it teaches readers about common object architectures which can be used to solve common (though unique) problems.

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