The Reg launches downloads site

Vulture Central overcome by spirit of Xmas

Site offer We’re absolutely delighted in the run-up to the Festive Season™ to be able to offer our readers a little something from the Vulture Central “get-something-for-free-pay-nothing-ever” department.

Indeed, we’re sure that fans of El Reg will find this a refreshing change from the inexorable “buy-now-pay-2020-at-86%-APR” Yule orgy of capitalism which has so sullied the spirit of Christmas.

So, with all temptation to utter "bah humbug" pushed firmly from our minds, we direct you immediately to our all-new downloads service, offering a range of gratis and shareware Windows and Mac goodies, including the highly-regarded Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0, Webroot's Spy Sweeper and VideoLAN's VLC media player. Also, there are plenty of try-before-you buy options. And if that's not enough, we have a new store, the Reg Software Shop to flog a veritable cornucopic selection of top-of-the-range software, packed in boxes.

You can find the button for Reg Downloads on the top righthand of our masthead. The Reg Software Shop can be found alongside links to our other merchandising extravaganzas, in the Reg Shops box, nestling under the search box on the top lefthand side of every page.

Lovely. Naturally, some poor soul has to graft to provide all of this meaty goodness, and he too will need to put a goose on the table this Christmas to feed his emaciated, sobbing children. So, it is at this point that we introduce with a small squadron of puti blowing trumpets the people behind the Reg Software Shop - 5 Star.

No, this is not the same outfit as the 5 StaR fronted by one Silent Killa - "da sickest and one of the hardest rappers from Cali" - but rather, well - let’s allow the blurb to do the talking:

5 Star Network launched its first downloads website,, in 1997 with the goal of providing high quality shareware, freeware and commercial software for free download to the UK market.

Over the intervening years, 5 Star has built up a hand-picked and personally vetted collection of over 5,000 software titles which it continues to add to and update on a daily basis.

5 Star now operates a network of downloads sites for some of the UK's top ISPs and technology websites, retaining the same attention to detail, user friendly service and fast, reliable downloads that has established 5 Star as the UK's premier downloads website.

And with that we wish you, our beloved readers, a very happy Christmas and a prosperous and creative new year. ®

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