NTL working on ‘intermittent’ email problem

Punters fed up

NTL claims it is working as "quickly as possible" to rectify an "intermittent" email problem that's dogged users since the weekend.

Punters claim this is just the latest issue in a long line of problems to hit the cableco. What's more, they're fed up.

Said one reader who contacted The Register: "I have been having intermittent problems with collecting e-mail over the last few months and enjoyed the wasted hours pointlessly running through the whole of my system with a toothcomb with an engineer to disprove this is anything to do with NTL.

"Lo and behold a post on their site on Monday to say they are having a problem with e-mail. I (and lots of others) haven't been able to collect e-mail for 4 days and a call to the engineer gives no projected fix date. Call this a service? I don't."

Anyhow, NTL says its engineers are working on the problem and adding new hardware but it's still unclear when NTL will resolve the problem.

A statement on NTL's site reads: "ntl:home internet customers on all packages may currently be unable to send email from their ntlworld accounts. Our engineers are aware of this issue and are working towards a resolution. Please accept our apologies for any inconvencience this may cause. ®

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