250 exchanges to get ADSL by Autumn

Look into my crystal ball

BT reckons that growing demand for broadband will enable the telco to convert a further 250 exchanges to ADSL by the end of September. The prediction is based on current levels of broadband interest in areas currently not served by ADSL.

Since BT's demand-led scheme - which sets thresholds representing the level of demand needed to make conversion to ADSL commercially viable - went live last year some 850 exchanges have been given trigger levels. Of those, just under 50 have met their threshold, been upgraded to ADSL and are now live.

A further 245 exchanges have so far hit their threshold and are currently in the process of being upgraded to ADSL. Oh, and BT is to award trigger levels to a further 600 exchanges by the autumn.

Anyhow, the monster telco has just announced that the following list of 18 exchanges will be converted to ADSL during June - all except Glenboig in Strathclyde, which will have to wait until the beginning of July. ®

ASHBOURNE Derbyshire
BRIDGE OF WEIR, Strathclyde
SAWTRY, Cambridgeshire
WESTWOOD, Cheshire
BUCKDEN, Cambridgeshire
CUDWORTH, South Yorkshire
HORSLEY, Derbyshire
NORTH CARLTON, Nottinghamshire
THRAPSTON, Northamptonshire
TONYPANDY, Mid Glamorgan
TONYREFAIL, Mid Glamorgan
WEMYSS BAY, Strathclyde
GLENBOIG, Strathclyde

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