Dell's Xmas PDA?

Meet its maker

Digitimes suggests that Dell will enter the PocketPC business in time for Christmas with a $299 PDA.

Wistron has scooped the contract, although Wistron itself wouldn't say who the customer is.

Earlier this year, reports abounded that Dell's rock-bottom, sweatshop price demands had scared away other contract manufacturers, who couldn't see the deal making them enough money. Or any money.

Dell will join Toshiba and HPaq in the PPC market, although HP has axed the Jornada brand -just as the final models came out to great acclaim.

On the day the merger was formally consummated, HP's head of labs and CTO told us that the newly merged company was pinning its hopes on the Microsoft platform. You can read that here.

Michael Dell earlier sniffed at the idea of PDAs becoming useful before they had integrated wireless.

Digitimes report is here. ®

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