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BLITZ (Blackwall IT Zone) has been set up to enable the local community to have access to IT and the internet, Chris Pearman writes. Although on the doorstep of the Canary Wharf Complex, this is one of the poorest areas of London, with the 7th highest unemployment rate in the UK.

We aim to provide second user systems and advice to local groups and individuals in need. We also hope, with the help of outreach workers, to provide IT access to socially excluded groups. Systems that are beyond repair or refurbishment will be disposed of safely & sensibly. Surplus machines would be sold on to make the project a self sustaining social enterprise. However, since we are a not-for-profit project, a percentage of surplus systems could find their way to projects such as computer aid.

By opening a recycle IT centre in Blackwall we also aim to provide training and employment for members of our community.

CHRIS PEARMAN on 020 7515 5328 or

Businesses are being urged to donate their old redundant computers to London schools,

Tim Richardson writes

The scheme - Access IT! - is run by charities and business organisations and backed by the Duke of Westminster (that's one of Britain's richest men, not the pub).

Gear handed to Access IT! is refurbished and refitted with a new mouse and keyboard before being loaded with re-licensed Windows software. Machines are also made Internet ready for use in schools.

Said the Duke in a statement: "Through this initiative equipment which would either be scrapped or left to collect dust can be put to good use in the education of London's children now."

So far London businesses have donated more than 5,000 computers, which have been bought by 220 schools.

Refurbed PCs cost £95 each.

For further info go here.

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